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Bio-Attapulgite Manufacture

Sinitic company was founded in 2011. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise specialized in Research, Development, Manufacturing and Sales of Bio-attapulgite products for feed additives, premix feed, and feed raw materials, etc. It built up the first attapulgite wet modification production line in China and owns total 8 automatic production lines. The production capacity is over 150,000 tons per year.

High quality raw material

Sinitic is located at Xuyi county, where the attapulgite mine reserves near 48% of the world’s total. It owns an attapulgite mine with independent mining rights. The attapulgite mine covers an area of 1.37 square kilometers, and reserves 1.27 million tons of high quality attapulgite clay. Sinitic insists on optimizing the use of attapulgite clay by graded mining. High quality attapulgite minerals guarantee stable quality of products.

Strong technical support

Sinitic cooperates with Top scientists, institutes, and universities in research of attapulgite toxin-binding and antibacterial effect on animal growth promoting. It has a strong R&D team, with total 35 personnels, including 25 experts and professors. The sales and service team has over 50 personnels. We can provide customers with technical guidance, mutual cooperation, and professional service.

Competitive market share

Our attapulgite products are widely recognized by most major feed enterprises and breeding plants all over China through these years of marketing experience. The annual sales of Sinipro Max, Biorich, Clavox, and Clavora are over 100,000 tons. We are dedicated to provide more healthy feed products and contribute to the health breeding industry.




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